PT 1.4 - Testing of Bridge

4.1: Testing
This is a video of our bridge being tested:

4.2: Calculation Of Efficiency

a) Mass of load on bridge = 0kg

b) Mass of bridge = 0.431kg

c) Efficiency = NIL

Note: Our bridge could not hold any weights as the glue had not dried fully

4.3: Discussion Of Bridge Design After Testing

What is your score on efficiency? If the efficiency is high/low, what went right/wrong?

1. Our score on efficiency was 0 as the glue on our bridge had not dried properly,however if the glue was dried,i feel that we could improve our bridge by using less ice cream sticks to build the base thus making the bridge lighter.Also,we could reduce the width of the bridge.

Which part of the bridge started to give way first? Explain using Physics concepts.

2. The base of the bridge begun to bend as soon as weight was added on it because of the mass of the load on the bridge causing tension that was not properly spread throughout the whole bridge and instead concentrated on one area.Our truss was not properly constructed and planned and thus the bridge begun to bend.

Which part of the bridge provided the most strength in the testing process? Explain using Physics concepts.

3. The bottom truss would have provided the most strength for the bridge if it was not for the glue that was still not dry,The reason for this is that our bottom truss is designed to spread out the mass of the load equally throughout the bridge.

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