PT1.3 - Construction of Bridge

PT1.3 - Construction of Bridge

3.1 - Design Rationale

Explain using diagrams, the

  •  General design

The bridge is a modified Howe bridge. We modified it by adding 2 layers of howe trusses and including diamond trusses

  • Members of the bridge

We used liquid-adhesive to glue the members of the bridge together. Sometimes, to increase the strength of our members, we used member composed of 3 sticks glued together to create stronger meremb   

  • Base of the bridge
Our base of our bridge was made with ice cream sticks vertically and criss-crossed some sticks to make the bridge able to withstand more mass.

  • Anchors of the bridge

The anchors of a bridge is to stop the bridge from bending into a 'V' shape. When the bridge bends in the middle, the anchors will pull back the tower. Thus, the bridge would not bend in the middle. There was no actors used in the bridge that we built because if we tried to anchor the bridge, it is hard for us to do so. We are unable to anchor the bridge to the metal plates on the machine used to test the bridge. We also thought of extending the length of the bridge so that we can anchor it to itself. However, that was not possible as this will cause the sides of the bridge to have too much tension. Therefore, no anchors were used this bridge.

  • Joints of the bridge
Our joints on the bridge were designed to spread out the mass throughout the bridge so the bridge's potential for efficiency will be fully utilised .

3.2 - Detailed Dimensions

Basic measurements
Mass of bridge
Overall length
Overall width
Overall height

3.3       Construction of prototype

Photograph of prototype


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