PT2.3 - Construction of Car

Construction of our Mouse Trap Car

1) The first photo is the mainframe of our Mousetrap Car,we trimmed off the sides of the Mousetrap to reduce weight in the car. We also tried to keep our design and materials used as light as possible so that the
car could travel a further distance.

2) The second photo is our complete Mousetrap Car.We chose CDs as our wheels because
first of all,they do not make too much contact with the ground thus
allowing the car to move further and with the tape lining the CD,the
wheels would still function efficiently as there would still be
friction.The front wheels have more contact with the ground but are
smaller  to prevent the car from going sideways too much and also to
slope the whole car to give the Mousetrap car its "aerodynamic" shape.
The front wheels are also smaller compared to the back wheels as the back wheels need to be bigger to cover more area per revolution and the front wheel is just to guide the car.

3) The third photo is the part of the mousetrap that triggers the mechanism that
allows the mousetrap to move.Basically,we enlarged the mechanism by
putting a stick there so that we could put string there.The string
would then be coiled around the axel of the wheel when the mousetrap is
activated.This powers the Mousetrap Car and we use the tension in the springs to drive the car and move it forward.