PT2.4 - Testing of Car

PT2.4 - Testing of Car

2.2 Testing & Modification

Run Number
Test Run 1
Test Run 2
Test Run 3
Total time of test run / s
Total distance of test run / m
Observation 1:

Was the car in steady and stable motion throughout?  
Observation 2:

Was the car moving in a straight line mostly?
Observation 3:

Did lever and string operate smoothly as well as expected?
State 1 area for modification.
The distance between the wheels should be increased<--<---
State rationale(s) for the above proposed modification.
To prevent the wheels from rubbing against the frame.

All modifications should be clearly documented along with rationales and photographs.

3.1 Final assessment
1. Updated dimensions of mousetrap car (post modifications):

Mass of mousetrap car
Mass of each wheel
Big Wheel diameter120 mm
Small Wheel diameter55 mm
Big Axle diameter5 mm
Small Axle diameter3 mm
Length of string31 cm
Length of lever extension20.1 cm
overall length30 cm
overall weightTable Cell
overall height120 mm

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